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Greetings and Salutations,

We welcome you to the home of Dark Moon Cacophony. We are a small, close knit guild whose members consist of hard working individuals. Our ultimate goal is to bring together our members as we progress through the immense world of Azeroth.  We welcome a wide variety of players who wish to join us in our progress of game content. Dark Moon Cacophony's fair and knoweldgeable officers and veterans will strive to answer your questions regarding quests, gear, professions, PvE, and PvP.  We pride ourselves in going above and beyond to answer your questions as soon as possible and to not simply refer you to an off site Warcraft web page.  Whenever possible, our officers and/or veterans are pleased to run quests and dungeons with you.

We here at Dark Moon Cacophony do not focus on simply one aspect of World of Warcraft, but tolerate and accept every range of player from the humble PvEer to PvPer alike. It is our sincerest dream to see that each and every member in our ranks will learn from each other and work together to form a knowledgeable family.  And when that destined time comes, a formidable raid group.

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